Frequently Asked Questions?

What is Augmented Reality (AR) ?

Augmented Reality is a fascinating technology solution, that uses 3D visualization and graphics to breathe life into inanimate images. This technology,essentially superimposes digital objects on top of  real life elements  adding a whole new dimension to it. We at DreamWare, use this cutting edge technology to design industrial and creative solutions for your pressing business and operational problems.

What is Virtual Reality (VR) ?

Virtual Reality or Immersive Reality creates an interactive environment around the user by inducing various physical stimuli like heat, motion, taste, sight, smell and so on. This amazing technology can be used to create an entire virtual universe around you for you to explore. At DreamWare, we use this technology extensively to create IT solutions in domains like Industrial training, viewer engagement, education , military training and so much more..

What is the difference between AR and VR ?

While Augmented Reality adds virtual elements on top of real life ones, virtual reality entirely replaces your reality with a simulated one.