Assist is a revolutionizing Augmented Reality based realtime maintenance and training assistant tool developed by DreamWare. Assist breaks down the mundane task of decrypting instruction manuals or reference manuals by overlaying the animation of the complex instructions directly over the equipment in real time, thus enabling the user to learn and perform operations in real time.

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The DreamWare Assist Pump maintenance application was created specifically for demonstration. This relatively simple project was created to allow for public demonstration of this level of our hardware and software solution. DreamWare Assist is totally scalable for machines of bigger scale, shape and complexity.

What It Means To You


Increase Productivity

By empowering intermediate skilled workers with expert level know how realtime

Reduce Machine Downtime

Get machine up and running. No more waiting for expert technicians.

Reduce Trainer – Trainee Ratio

Free senior staff from basic training duties.

Increased Cost Benefits

Get more out of workforce, without spending more.

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