AEGIS – Next Gen Infantry and Special Forces Simulators


DreamWare brings you Aegis, the first ever fully immersive virtual simulator training solution for soldiers. This revolutionary training system aims to increase the quality of instruction and combat preparedness of soldiers embarking on strategic military missions today. Aegis simulates virtual scenarios accurately recreating a plethora of military mission situations like hostage rescue and counter insurgency. It is an portable, innovative and flexible out of the box training system designed to ready for use in under an hour.

Aegis extensively integrates wearable technology into their training solutions by using off the shelf  Heads up Displays coupled with eye and head tracking, stereoscopic headphones, Mics, Specially engineered Shoes for foot tracking, Instrumented weapons with optics, sights and scope and an Omni directional treadmill to allow the user to run, walk, strafe and sit in the virtual universe.


What It Means To You

Test Out Multiple Strategies

Using Aegis, a special forces or an infantry team can execute and practice multiple approaches to the same mission. Thanks to the advanced artificial intelligence of the enemy players, and the physics of the environment the outcomes in the simulation are very close to the real life scenarios.

Play God

The trainer assumes complete control in this training system. He controls deployment of trainees, Enemy Intelligence, mission constraints and even tactics and accuracy of the enemies. He has the power to introduce various emergency situations in the middle of a mission like a natural calamity, weather inversion and so on too.

Get Actionable Data

Aegis offers an advanced after action review capability, giving the trainer a deeper insight into the capabilities of his soldiers. Using big data analytics in rating the accuracy, reaction time, performance of an individual or a team as a whole over either in a single mission or a history of missions gives the trainer an exhaustive profile of each member of his squad..


With low latency technologies and advanced full body motion capture systems, Aegis enables the trainee team to communicate with each other both via simulated radio and sign language – a vital form of communication for special forces inside the virtual reality.

Quick Reset

Train your team in a desert in the morning, and in a snow mountain ranges in the after noon. Aegis resets and changes the environment in the click of a button.


Save Space

The Aegis training system requires only 15 Square feet space per trainee, making it the most compact  military training system to ever be built.