ATLAS – Next Gen Virtual Reality Simulators

With DreamWare’s Virtual Reality Simulator Solutions – Atlas, you can now test your team’s ability and limits in any terrain, surrounding or scenario without putting them in harm’s way. Bid farewell to costly, bulky, room-sized simulators and say hello to the Head Mounted Virtual Reality Display powered Atlas.

Our superior simulation software coupled along with the next generation hardware, provides extensive immersion and believability, and succeeds in increasing the heartbeat of trainees. This can turn training into a fruitful realization within the touch of a button.

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Oil Rig Simulator

What It Means To You

Play God

The trainer assumes complete control in this training system and can bring about any challenges/malfunctions in the virtual training session.

Quick Reset Time

Reset time is one of the key constraints in real world training.
Atlas brings down the reset time to as low as click of a button.

Drive Efficiency

Eliminate costs involved in setting up and executing real world training sessions.

Save not just on costs, but time and effort too.

Get Actionable Data

Atlas offers an advanced after training review capability, giving the trainer a deeper insight into the capabilities of his trainees. Using big data analytics in rating the efficiency, reaction time, performance of an individual or a team as a whole over either in a single session or a history of sessions gives the trainer an exhaustive profile of each member of the batch.

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